Meet the team

Discover the people behind the amazing visuals at Mooneye

Luc van Amerongen

Function: “Founder” Director

Luc van Amerongen:


Victor Mostart

Function: Commercial Manager

Victor Mostart:


Sam Habbaba

Function: Lead 3D-Artist

Jurgen Cools

Function: 3D-Artist

Jurgen Cools:


Jurell Ranzijn

Function: 3D-Artist / Internship Supervisor

Jurell Ranzijn:


Melvin Ooms

Function: 3D-Artist / ICT

Melvin Ooms:

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Dorian van den Bongard

Function: 3D-Artist

Dorian van den Bongard:

Behance, LinkedIn

Bram Peeters

Function: 3D-Artist

Bram Peeters:

Behance, Portfolio

Bram Thissen

Function: 3D-Artist

Bram Thissen:

           LinkedIn, Behance,

Maya Aladdin

Function: 3D-Artist / Interior-Designer

Maya Aladdin:

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Gaby van Amerongen

Function:  Interior-Designer

Gaby van Amerongen:


We work with a reviewsystem:

ReviewStudio is specifically designed to meet the needs of creative professionals and designers working in projects involving digital media.
The software is an easy to use online review tool for a variety of digital media content.

One of the more challenging and time-consuming tasks of running a project is managing the review and approval process of the work in progress. ReviewStudio is an easy-to-use tool that lets our costumers review, markup and approve all our work from any online computer or tablet. 3D visuals and Floor plans cycles are faster because all content viewing and markups are centralized. Collaborative discussions help avoid multiple iterations by the centralized feedback.

ReviewStudio currently supports these formats for review and collaboration.

  • Images – PNG, JPEG and GIF
  • Single and multipage PDF files
  • Video – mp4, mov, ogg, webm, flv, avi, wmv, asf
  • MP3 Audio files.
  • HTML file and URLs